Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is the economy making advertising better?

Gas prices are up, stock market is down, financial institutions are struggling, consumer confidence is waning at best, home values are declining, spending is down... and marketing budgets have been either cut or reallocated. Those of us in marketing -- both corporate or agency side -- know that, now more than ever, the advertising messages have to cut through, they have to resonate with the intended audience, they must deliver results. None of this is new news -- we've heard it all before.

So is advertising really getting better? Have we challenged ourselves enough to think outside the box -- a phrase we've heard all too often lately? Are we really listening to the consumer more than we've ever done before - recently? Is the creative work reflective of continually challenging ourselves and our thinking again and again and again?

Selling in a down economy can be done, and it can be done effectively with the right value proposition for the new economy. With messaging that's relevant today and not yesterday.
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