Monday, March 16, 2009

If they can build it, you can too.

Inc. Magazine published a slide show today entitled "How two friends built a $100 million company." The two guys are childhood friends Adam Lowry (left) and Eric Ryan (photo credit Inc. Magazine and Emily Nathan).

The photo story is about the rise of Method Home, a company they started in 2000, and their four points of advice for anyone else with entreprenuerial spirit. That same spirit is what people are tapping into these days instead of spending so much time looking for a job in this down economy.

Their simple advice is:

  1. Differentiate yourself
  2. Persistence pays, even in a recession
  3. Branding isn't just for big companies
  4. Stay nimble

More times than not, keeping a business simple is the secret to success. Wouldn't you agree?

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